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Friday, 13 May 2011

Family hotel rooms for 5 or more

We tend to go camping when we holiday in the UK but from time to time we have found it is useful to have hotel accommodation.  However, to my dismay, many hotel family rooms don’t accommodate a family of 5 and finding one that does is hard even with the internet.  Sadly, this also includes the budget ones – although the price of 2 rooms for a night is still often cheaper than for 1 room at a more expensive hotel.

I have recently found 'Roomfor5', a website that helps with finding accommodation in the UK, France, Spain, the USA and beyond for larger families (5+) which looks like a great resource.  Whilst I haven’t had reason to use it to book anywhere yet it is great to have a single site that links you to so many hotels.

Great idea and many thanks to Drina Murphy who came up with the idea!


  1. We love camping too, thank you for popping over to my site. I hope to get to know you better, Jen

  2. Hi Jen

    Thanks for your comment - I'm new to blogging and am finding it really interesting and a whole new world!! (Much of which is going over my head, it has to be said).

    Perhaps we can compare notes on great campsites/destinations for children. Areas with cheap / free wet weather activities are often a fave with me!