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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cashback websites - are you missing out?

With 3 growing children it is absolutely essential that we budget carefully and make every penny count so the discovery of cashback websites was so exciting!

However, having met up with an old friend yesterday I was surprised to find out that some people are still not aware that these exist.

These sites act as a portal through to other sites where, if you make purchases, you receive a percentage of your payment back.  It really is money for nothing.

There are an array of cashback sites available but I use the Top Cashback site.  To date I have 'earned' £128 from cashback on things that I was intending to buy anyway.  I think my sister is doing very well through this as she is going through this site in order to make her catalogue payments.

Sites I have received cashback from include:
The book people - £2.55
Ebay - £7.44
The Entertainer toy shop - £17.67
Travelodge - £4.65
Parcel Force - £4.04
AA Travel Insurance- £4.76
P & O Ferries - £8.64

As well as percentage cashback offers there are fixed price payments for certain transactions i.e I received £5 cashback on my first Tesco delivery.  They often do good deals on mobile phone networks and insurance brokers like go Compare often offer cashback on getting quotes.

You can get free payments through using certain search engines and entering competitions as well.

My biggest cashback payment was £33 when I purchased our new computer through the Dell website.

One word of caution - this is only a good deal if you were intending to buy from those shops in the first place!  Buying things that you don't want or paying more for the item or on delivery in order to receive cashback only works if the cashback is greater than the higher costs incurred.

Have a look if you aren't already using one - they are definitely worth using!

Let me know how you get on.

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