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Monday, 18 April 2011

Sleeping Arrangements for your Baby Twins

Your twins will have spent 9 months (or thereabouts) together in an increasingly cosy environment and will be used to close contact with their sibling, so there is a school of thought that twins should be kept together for comfort when newborns.

When my twins were born, the staff at the hospital were keen for them to share a cot.  However, with my son born weighing 7lbs and with my daughter born weighing 5lb 10 there quite simply was not enough room!  So separate cots at the hospital it was!  They didn't seem particularly distraught at this development.

On returning home, rather than the expense and hazards of having 2 Moses baskets we had opted to have one of the cot beds in our bedroom (following the guidance that new babies should sleep in their parents bedrooms).

This worked really well and for a short time my babies slept side by side (see picture below - natey and kiera as very small babies).  They didn't disturb each other when crying in the night (most twins don't), and with a cot top changing unit everything and everyone was in one place within easy reach of the bed for night feeds.

(Top tip - place an extra sheet folded under their heads and then if either are sick / posset you can change that sheet rather than the whole bed which doesn't disturb them as much).

It didn't take long for them to grow too big to sleep side by side and as they became more active they would hit each other (I'd like to say by accident - but they do like to tease each other even now!).  The next step for us was to give them a place at each end of the cot.  As we had bought cot beds there was plenty of space and by sharing neither seemed too overwhelmed by the space.  This approach also avoided the problems that I know some parents have had moving their babies from a moses basket to a cot.

Similarly, they had no problem moving from our bedroom to their own (they shared for 3 1/2 years), perhaps because they had company during the transistion?

This worked well for us and I'd definately recommend saving money by not buying moses baskets which can then be used on some of the many other items that will be of use to you with newborn twin babies.

Good luck x

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