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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Diary of a new blogger - 2nd week update

Last week I set myself some tasks to achieve with my new blog and I am pleased to say that I have conquered them all.  I am very proud of myself!

I have managed (with the use of the help topics) to set up a 'contact me' page.  Ok - so I'd love one of those pages with interactive boxes (I'm sure there will be a technical name for those!) but I'm happy enough with just an email address for contact purposes for now.  It was after all a triumph to create an additional page.

I have also managed to post my first photograph within a blog. I have used picasa and look, now I have also included my first link!

I have to say that I am so glad that I managed to conquer my desire to only set up my blog once I knew how to do everything - as I would never had taken the plunge.  Developing your blog over time and learning as you go really does seem to be the best approach (at least for a newbie!).

Now - tasks for next week?  Well, we are off camping next week so perhaps my next task should be to expand the content of my blog to share experiences on this and also activities with young children.

I think that I also need to become more sociable and follow some other relevant blogs so that I can learn more and maybe make some blogfriends!!

Wish me luck!

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