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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The joy of twins - the school dance show

I finished work early yesterday to see the children in Year 2 (the year my twins are in) perform the dance that their classes had created for the local dance festival.

It brought tears to my eyes (which I have to say is relatively easy these days!).  I would love to know if this is a biological issue - when you give birth do you get injected with a big burst of sentiment? I never used to cry before I had children, well very rarely anyway.  Now, I only have to hear a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to end up in floods of tears. 

However, one of the bonuses of having twins was that I had someone to watch in each dance.  Whilst both classes of 6 year olds did a great job, I'm not sure I would have been particularly thrilled to watch a class of children I didn't know do a dance twice (mmm...they did it twice in case you missed any).

I got 2 kisses when the class exited, 2 smiling faces and 2 burst of pride when I watched them and it reminded me of how special it is to have twins.

Incidentally, there was a little boy in my son's class who had lost his mum to cancer about 6 weeks ago.  I also had tears for him (he looked like he was enjoying himself enormously, for which I was so pleased) but I also grieved for him and his mum who would never watch his shows again.  Too, too sad.

Moral of this story?  Even when times are tough (and with baby twins they can be at times) - try and value what you have.

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