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Friday, 2 September 2011

Visit Norwich with children

We have just returned from a week camping in Norfolk and are packing the tent away for the season.

Whilst there we made a couple of trips into Norwich which is a small and child friendly city to visit.

My tips for a cheap, child friendly day when on a budget........

1.  Avoid city centre car parks and keeping an eye on the time - use the Park and Ride - £4 for return tickets for 2 adults and children under 16 years.

2.  Use the toilets at Norwich bus station if needed!

3.  Pack a picnic but perhaps stop off at the bakers for a sweet treat (there is a Sayers around the corner from the bus station).

4.  Visit the Plantation gardens (3 acres of secret walled gardens lovingly cared for by volunteers) for your picnic lunch.  £2 donation per adult, children under 16 free.  You also pass a playground in the council park on the way.
Photo Courtesy of Ell Brown, Flickr

5.  Wander through the lanes and the market stalls - grab a drink or an ice cream when spirits lag.

6.  Visit Norwich Cathedral - free, although you are encouraged to make a donation.  However, if you are there with young children your visit is likely to be brief - so it is up to you.

7.  Use the toilets at the Cathedral before moving on.

8.  Spot the boot cleaners built into the walls of the old buildings and explain to the children how the roads used to be.

9.  Visit Norwich castle an hour before closing time - it is £1 per person for anyone over 4 years old.  The castle is deceptive as it is a lot bigger inside than it looks.  However, an hour is long enough to get a flavour of the building and its history with young children and there are loads of interactive activities in the keep to engage them.  This was our favourite bargain activity of the day!

Norwich Castle  (Photo courtesy of Ben Clinch, Flickr)

Example of a cell from the time that the castle was used as a prison.   (Photo courtesy of Avail, Flickr)

10.  Back to the bus station (use toilets if needed!) - hassle free exit to your car.


  1. Great ideas, never thought of visiting Norwich before and like the kids I always need the loo.

    Sft x

  2. Thanks for your comments - There were more free/cheap places to visit but I left the list at home! Still it was enough for the kids.